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"​burn you down"

[Verse 1: thebreathingbackwards]
I'm saving gas from this new life alone
But losing homes, trial and error
Trying to find a place to rest and burn these poems
Finding comfort in the fire
But still jealous of the moan the wood makes when I set it free
Blown to forest, overgrown
I still feel the sting I felt while reading why you're doing this
Tell me that you really loved me
We both know you're full of sh*t
Hit the road, head south, speed and swerve
Until I skid and crash my Mom's Honda Fit
Off the Sagamore bridge

[Chorus: yesterday]
Burn you down watch the ashes hit the ground
I don't even wanna text
Guess I'm just hell bound
I got this life that you left
b*t*h you know that I'm a mess
Rip my heart out my chest
Let my soul decompress
Say, take me or leave me
The devil come through when you see me
You know that I don't wanna be me
Why the f**k did you ever believe me?
Yeah, she say that she hate this
Then act like my personal mistress
These visions gonna haunt me as long as my heart’s beating
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