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I'm a disaster
I'm goin' thru it
Move faster
Push thru it

But I'm plastered to my bed
Can't escape that silent dread
I'm awake but i feel dead
Guess I'm lost inside my head

Serotonin's synonymous
With the worst parts in all of us

I don't care if every letter in this makes Me wrong
I wear my pain like a sweater
I been better
Won't be for too long

And if it looks like forever
Don't forget that
Nothings everlorg

Baby you got me tetheted
I'm anxious, whatever
Pop it into a song

Take me for the moment
Let me stay tonight
f*ck me or whatever
Love me, it feels so right

You can't shake me
Been ballin' lately
My old friends hate me
I'm goin' crazy

Look into my eyes
Tell me if it's real
Cpt sad on the mic
That a real big deal

Time will tell
If all these lies went well
Keep it inside my cells
Left underneath my nails

I'ma mess and that's never gunna change
Without the pills, needin' something to arrange
The world is fallin' around
I think the death is callin'
I see your smile and drown
But I'm just gettin' started

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