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[Intro: Blueface]
Blueface Baby
Yeah aight

[Verse: Blueface]
Only smoking indoor but I'm out though
Young n*gga with a couple mill in the escrow
Million dollar views and some Moët get her wet more
I'm in the pus*y creme feeling like a Ho Ho
Pull up in coupes, I don't take photos
Put a c*ck in the Glock, no homo
c*ck the Glock hit a n*gga like a homo
What the f*ck is a stock? I'm really worth a mill
Lil' n*gga check the stock
I just copped a house bigger than the cops in the suburbs
I'm the only n*gga only my block
No cap
Football field in the back
Dead homies
I'm not a rapper but I made it off of rappin'
The more memes I make, the less I gotta rap

[Outro: Blueface]

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