London Yellow

"Change da world"

Gotta save the world, b*t*h you know I keep it cool. I'm talking nothing but the 100’s smoking jays after school. You know I always gotta plant but ion never got a tool. Got a green thumb I ain’t think about the rules

I make my own sh*t, I don’t really need help. b*t*h I passed 10 (k) in a year by myself. That ain’t much but I got my vocab on my belt. Now I’m passing up the feelings that I thought I always felt

Damn bro, that’s a dank hoe. I only got Mary f**k a bankroll. f**k a dank hoe. Yo sh*t late tho. And we move in will slow fresh paint coat

I ain’t never hit a lick unless I’m trippin on a b*t*h. You were breaking off a brick just to get a little pip. Now you ditching all your friends to just to get a f**king kiss. Back in 2018 I was yelling f**k yo drip

Sorry, (b*t*h) I know I’m kinda late. I was getting kinda heavy with the greens on the plate
I took it to the face, blowing smokе up in my place. I know I say it everyday. But imma takе it to the grave

I never got a problem please don’t make a mistake. You know I love my bars chop them up and misbehave. Change the world, that’s all I gotta say. My final message PHA
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