Isaac Dunbar

"​love, or the lack thereof"

[Verse 1]
I close myself off in hopes of your love
Not my fault that I crave your attention
I want your tough love and all the bad stuff
Not the best, yeah, I know

But I check my phone, and shut it off
If you're alone, come shut me up

(Thought you were mine, love)
I'll dream about your fingers on me
You’ll tell me that I'm wrong (Thought you were mine, love), oh
I’ll tell myself you'll always want me
You say I think too much but I thought you were mine, love

[Verse 2]
All of my friends say you're no good for me
I don't care, I'm aware that I'm wrong 'causе
I love attention, toxic retеntion
I don't care that I'm wrong

'Cause I check my phone
And shut it off (Shut it off, shut it off, hey, hey, hey)
If you're alone, come shut me up (Shut me up, shut me up)
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