Get It Back lyrics


[Verse 1]
Get your funds up, b*t*h i get it back
Getting my money, i'ma make it stack
Throw my money, don't want no cash
Chrome hearts on me, b*t*h u don't got that
Tramadol on me, feel like i'ma pass
Buddy quit your music on your sh*t is trash
Can't do sh*t, feel sorry, life so ass
Saying you smoking loud, you smoking trash
Tell me bout money, bro you f**king cap
Me and starboy going hard no cap
My gang going hard we making bands
Switch up way too fast and knock your friends
sh*t too crazy, think i understand
f**k the sh*t, i'm laughing to the bank
Number (N)ine on me, i just spent a band
Money way too long, that sh*t expand

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