Ooh, oh

[Verse 1]
You know those brown eyes in the sun make me weak
I still get butterflies every time we speak
Am I in my head 'cause it feels like a dream?
I think we’re in love, but, baby, is that just me? Mmm

I know I might seem shy, but, baby, I really need you
I'll tell you everything that's on my mind if I need to

So, ooh, yeah
The thought of you makes me go crazy
Your smile is everything I’m cravin'
Our future's bright like That's So Raven, oh-oh
Stay you, girl, you're so...

[Verse 2]
Rain on the rooftop of your car on repeat (Oh no, no, no)
Staring at you as moonlight burns through the streets (Ooh)
Wish this could last forever, baby, don't leave me (Mmm)
'Cause I think we're in love, I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve (Ooh, yeah, yeah)
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