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"I Am Dying"

Verse 1:

God, how did I get here? Where am I at?
Where is my family, mom and my dad?
What the f*ck happened and was it so bad-
That I cannot remember the gun in my hand?
And the steel on my tongue, what the f*ck have I done?
Oh my god, is that [?], run away, the angels have come
Am I dead? Am I dead?
Hold up a second, let's figure this out
Try to remember what all this about
f*ck that, you need to get up and right now
No phone in your pocket, remember you broke it?
She made you so angry, Bonez, try to stay focused
I just want my son and I just want to hold him
I'm going to die and I don't even know him

Verse 2:

Why do we do this to you?
Why do you hide from the truth?
It's your fault, your fault
Shoulda quit with tripping with the phone call, phone call
Never really living but you won't now, won't now
Digging for the money but it's over, over
Ain't nobody love you, where is Nova? Nova, Nova
Wake up, keep your eyes open and try not to sleep
But I'm feeling so tired, so tired and weak
And I can't feel my feet, and with every breath; it gets harder to breathe
And I'm sorry, I am, but I doubt that I can
Hope you all understand that a plan is a plan
I've had it for months and for weeks like nine years ago, damn

Verse 3:

Is that my phone right there? I need to call my wife
I gotta find a way to tell her, everything's alright
Let her know it's not her fault, it ain't your fault either
She know you're f*cking her, it isn't no one else's neither
But it's okay right now, none of us are meant to stay
I can hear the ambulance, I can hear the lord say
He told me all my pain will go away

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