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Yung Heazy

"Social Anxiety"

Social anxiety
Is bringing me down
When I was on top of things
You held me to the ground
But I'm tired
And I'm nervous
And I'm running out of time
Holy f*ck, you ruined my whole life

I built up the smallest thing
And spilt it everywhere
I tried to express myself
But you hate it when I swear
And now I'm trapped inside the ego
Of a body filled with doubt
Holy frick, I'm never getting out

I talked to my oldest friend
Searching for support
You're a bad conversation man
I read in the report
But I'm planning conversations
So I don't run out of things to say
What the hell, there must be another way

The pain is often real and I'm incapable of rest
Hold the phone, I never caught my breath
Lazy and unmotivated living off of debt
Oh my god I never tried my best

I'm writing an apology
To my future self
'Cause social anxiety
I thought couldn't be helped
When there's 7 billion people
In a world I don't understand

Please no more
I'll never try again

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