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Wynne (Rapper)

"PDX Cypher"

[Intro: Team Backpack]
Please, Portland, make some noise for these MCs!

[Verse 1: Donte Thomas]
They say it's love in my city
I beg to differ, 12 is smoking us like swishers
Lost my chivalrous mind
It’s like a traffic lane, the way they try to keep us in line
Damn man, it's quite a jam and I handle it fine, give it time
A few OGs told me I wouldn't make it
The other half gave me the torch to the city
Told me take it with a chin up
’Cause most would kill for this sh*t I spit up
No pun intended, worth mentioning
Rip up, n*gga
I rip the roads, ten toes on the avenue block
Post up, blowing Bazooka Joe
Fashion woods in my tube socks
Cool calm collected, I seen it all from my window pane
Weekend consisted of the apple jacks, and Nintendo Games
Dead bodies, no shadows, and extended names
Who's to blame for doing to attain a good living, got me trippin'
With my confusion as a kid with new laces
Ain't no defeat in my sole purpose
Whole circuit b*tch, soul-searching
Mad cuz I know my worth
Half n*ggas won't amount to
Having to scrape your change up
Sleeping on your n*gga's couches
Your family turn they back on you
Like you ain't sh*t without 'em
Overcame my doubters and made ’em believe us
So we blow our bud in the air like golden retrievers
Had to earn my stripes and do impossible it’s nothing Adidas
100 like we running a fever, I need a Franklin
You better show respect when you see us, it's Don’

[Verse 2: Theory Hazit]
Amen, amen
Hallelujah, amen
Let the church say Amen
Now watch Three lift em all off they feet
Like a Mr. Miyagi sweet-thinking Fiat this week
I hit the street like the blockers in here dropping my see
Get socked in the teeth for copying me and acknowledge supreme
Weapon isn't concealed, it's out in the open poking open
You help us a [?] go develop your skill
Tell them snitches that is better this girl the devil is real
I'm making all of y’all believers when my hell is revealed
It's Three a lot of y'all are drag queenin' it like Urkel's cuz
See, she don't like me but somebody in your circle does
Just say the word, I'd be down to burst a slug
Single-handedly destroyin' pagans like Saint Ursula
Well I'm as relevant in sunshine embellishing its one rhyme
Melting through your team with elements of gunfire
Never ever come try
I'm better and I'm unsigned
Never will you touch mine
Tell em who the *uh* I...

[Verse 3: Wynne]
Rappers today are spelled with the W
But they takin' Ls by the labels hands pumping you
I'm standing here really, y'all ain't hear me win
They be high three years so we call them Jeremy Lin
Blue, blue, blue, blue and gold, blue and gold
I'm the young vogue when I pull up at the show
I've wanted to do a Team Backpack
You don't know how long it took me
I'm still too young to get into venues that want to book me, uh
We've had bad weather lately
It's hailing in Portland and I guess I'm the daughter of Shady
And quit saying "yeah, you're good for a lady"
That's a stupid cop out, and you're a b*tch
I've been present, that's red and green like Midnight Marauder
Leave jaws on her floor, that's a fish out of water
Wanna know how I know that this will keep my team fed?
This is the jam, you can't have the jam without the bread
I'm the sh*t, mm, I think that's why they call me Wynnie
I'm the mole on Nas's face, you can't miss me
Don't box me in, I'm'a hop out like a pogo
Beauty and the Beast, why can't I be both though?
You're in the City of Roses
Where you can spot a tourist by their choice of doughnut
Or an umbrella in a drizzle
California get out, you can't drive in the rain
It's obvious you've had a drought - they're maaad
Young lady, your innocence is shrinking
So when I say "f*ck" on the mic, I lift my pinky
Boys on my line, but they talk to 100 women
They're like Emily, they just want to get the di*k in
They can't get nearer, never fearin'
Rap game Franklin Delano, the living spirit
My great-grandma's here in spirit, she's with Jesus
Told him I had to drive and took the wheel so I could steer it
Wynnie is Lorelai like Gilmore, Zico
I'm Amy Sherman-Palladino sippin' San Pellegrino
In Reno, just wait till I get a Vevo
Viva la vida, yo Trump I'm a [?] [vito?]
Veni vidi vici, they can't see me, I'm Nemo
But incognito like Scarface Pacino
While my boys bring tuxedos 'cause they're real
Get the green 'cause I'm eco, I'm evil
I'm Cruella De Vil 'cause I want the spot
I ain't sayin' I'm ill but here's a tissue for the snot

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