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Sleepy Hallow

"Deep End Freestyle"

[Intro: Fousheé]
Go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna give me a reason

(Great John on the beat by the way)

[Verse: Sleepy Hallow]
My body different
Shorty said she tryna kick it
I'm in her mouth, somethin' like a dentist
Cookin' up, I'm in the kitchen
Big bro wildin', tryna catch a victim
I took an L, but now I'm back, gang winnin'
Look, and I'm doin' well
Don't even ask how I'm livin' (Facts)
n***as ain't real, they cap (Cap)
Ridin' round with the seat laid back
They told me to chill, I'm itchin' to clap
If I pull up, somebody get whacked
Boy, tie your laces, n***as tripping
Red lights, we gon' skip it
f**ked up a new V, we was dippin'
From the police, I was drillin'
But f**k it, let's skate on, huh
Run up a bag with my bro gods, huh (Bro)
Watch how I show off
Step in the room and she takin' her clothes off
I ain't even say much, huh
Ain't even do much
They like, "Sleepy, you too much"
Know I got a bag, right? Huh
Know I live a fast life
Said she fell in love, met her last night, Huh
Said she want this sh*t for life
Girl, you must be dumb, no, you not the type, huh (What?)
No, I'm not the type
I think I was lost in a past life
Came back, got my cash right
Say you want the sauce, I can get you right
But it's heavyweight, not light (Hold up, hold up)
Bro keep a strap, somethin' like a dyke
He be shootin', he don't like to fight
I could get you wrapped up like a gift
Smoked up like a spliff
Chopper tell 'em back up or get hit
Got my racks up, now I'm lit
I could get you packed up in this b*t*h
And my blood blue 'cause I'm Crip
Fanny pack full of hundreds (That's a fact)
I just reach on my waist, seen he runnin' (f**k outta here)
b*t*hes say a n***a stuntin', huh (n***a stuntin)
Know they hate how I came up from nothin'
Backed down, get to drummin' (Baow, baow)
I'ma show a n***a how I'm comin'
I was down, now I'm uppin' (Now I'm up)
They was hatin' on me, now they lovin' (Oh wait, hold on)
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