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Sleepy Hallow


[Intro: Sleepy Hallow]
Great John on the beat, by the way
You don't know me but you know my body
Ridin' shotty with my bro, we got it
AP, make him watch my pockets
Uh, uh, uh
Look, look

[Chorus: Sleepy Hallow]
Everybody wanna be somebody (Uh-huh)
You don't know me but you know my body
Ridin' shotty with my bro, we got it
AP, make him watch my pockets (Huh)
Backends, don't front, we got it
Batman, I was tryna go robbin'

[Verse 1: Sleepy Hallow]
You flip the gang and we mobbin'
She either thick or she starvin', huh
I was so high like martians
I blew up like atomic, ayy
Flow so sick, might vomit, huh
Ask about drills, no comments, uh
Everything, I gotta own it
I ain't fearin' no opponent
I ain't fearin' no opp, no, no opp
Tell 'em, "Block'll send you to the top floor, to the top"
All them hatin' n***as, tell 'em, "Stop"
Spent your whole life on a watch
This for all my times gettin' locked
This for all my n***as in the box
Hold your head high, rest up to the dead guys
No one's stoppin' at the red light, no one's stoppin' at the, huh
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