Annie LeBlanc

"Love at First Sight"

[Intro: Annie LeBlanc]
Wandering around in a one horse town
Never could tell if I was lost or found
But it felt like something was about to give

[Verse 1: Annie LeBlanc]
Seeing all the boys and the games they'd play
Didn’t want to break my heart that way
Don't wanna be just another kiss
A name on his list
But then you came along on a summer night
And here I am falling in love at first sight

[Verse 2: Annie LeBlanc]
You took me by surprise
When I looked into your eyes
It was so right
It was love at first sight

[Verse 3: Jay Ulloa]
Looking at the stars in the sky tonight
Nothing up above is quite so bright
Not like the way you shine with me

[Annie LeBlanc & Jay Ulloa]
Now that we're together gonna be just fine
Never gonna hurry, gonna take our time
You know we’re gonna plant the kiss
Keep each other warm on a cold cold night
Always be falling in love at first sight
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