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Annie LeBlanc


I thank the Lord every day
For his favor
My only word for you
Is forever
How long I'd live loving you
Is forever
And without you, I'd only say
You gave me hope I'd never have
Without you
And that's why I say:

If everything I said could make you laugh
I go on forever
If every song I wrote could make you smile
I'd write forever
How long I'd live loving you, ooh
The second I look deep in your eyes
I soon realize
Your love for me will always stay
And I hope you realize that I'm the same way, too
If everything I said
Could make you laugh
Oh, Oh, Oh
Could make you laugh
If every song I wrote, It could make you smile
Oh, Oh ,Oh
Make you smile, laugh, smile all day long
I go on forever loving you

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