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White Acid

"Acid Flows"

She sucking on d**k, she a sl*t
I fill that b*t*h up with nut
You wanted to f**k with me and my gang
You had to have known you'd get cut

[Verse 1]
Beat knock you out when it hit
This heat knock you out cause It’s lit
Walk into school, double cup
You know I be f**king sh*t up
Pass me the mic when I hop on this beat
Give me a light, b*t*h I'm smoking a sweet
This sh*t is not finished, this sh*t incomplete
I'm top of the game, you can’t even compete
Used to give a f**k, ain't got none left
I ain't addicted, b*t*h I'm obsessed
sh*t, I need bud, Ima pick up a sack
And I need pods Ima pick up a pack
f**king with us, all my hittas attack
Say sh*t to me and I'll bust out the mac
Smoking on kush while I'm listening to Pump
He saving the game and I'm backing him up
I got the choppa it's loaded, yuh
I’m with your b*t*h and we posted up
Got twelve on my ass and I picked up a bag
And I’m whipping at ninety, don't give a f**k
Hotbox the coupe when we smoking on loud
I ain’t got glasses, all I see is clouds
I don't need flex, you know that I got it
All of this money don't fit in my wallet
All of this money, b*t*h all of this moolah
You know that we stay getting stoned, no Medusa
Got all this ice, you might think I'm a jewler
This b*t*h getting wet, sh*t I might need to SCUBA
Don’t give excuses, just pay what you owe
Don't waste time talking b*t*h, give me the blow
Gimme a second, I need some ammo
Then hop on this next line, I switch up my flow

Flipping and tripping and skipping and dipping
On all of these beats, you know that I'm hitting
I'm cooking the sauce and I'm up in the kitchen
Just sit back and listen, I'm only beginning
If you didn't catch it, I sped this sh*t up
And you know that I got your b*t*h wet like a duck
And you know I stay killing it, it's not enough
And I'm twisting my tongue and my mouth getting stuck
And I'm done

[Verse 2]
And I can't go fast like that all the f**king time
Cause these people ask for new f**king lines
Well it sounds the best when you go f**king fast
No sh*t those lines gonna f**king blast
Counting checks cause it's a payday
Boost the bass and I bump to Tay-K
On the block and i bust the AK
Popping shots like a f**king field day
I'm staying lit like I'm and incense
I been done, like I'm a past tense
Posted up, and I'm on the offense
Don't give a sh*t, cause I'm a f**king savage
b*t*h I'm a savage like 21
I'm f**king this b*t*h and it's just for fun
Get the f**k down cause I got a gun
Just give me a second and I'll be done
But I ain't done yet though
This beat coming back and it sounds like a bet yo
I stay spitting heat, but I don't ever sweat though
My diamonds they melting, my neck getting wet hoe
b*t*h I ain't done, b*t*h I ain't finished
Just came to the game and I'm leaving it blemished
Ain't even competition, I always stay winning
f**king it up, on that lean I stay sipping
Just spit all this sh*t and It ain't got a hook
Check out my thoughts and I'm leaving you shook
You know what I said but this sh*t is complex
You think you can challenge, then please come object
I need to quit going, this sh*t getting long
b*t*h I'm just flowing, this ain't even song
This sh*t coming fast like your b*t*h, amazon
I showed off my flow and you know that I go and I'm gone

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