One More Time lyrics

Willy J "The Prisoner of Hope"


One more time
Music got me feeling so free

Verse 1:

One more time they want more rhymes so I
Give em' vibes so when they ride down the
95' beneath the skies and I
Still keep it down for the most high

Hit em' with a rhythm let em' know that I ride with him
Long as I keep livin' I'ma keep on spittin'
Keep pushing pens til they say I got good writtens
Or take me out and say good riddance

You know, forget it cuz it doesn't even matter bruh
To be honest people, I ain't even mad at ya'll
Cuz I'm talking beauty out of something macabre
Show you a hold new world outside of Agrabah

And I ain't talkin' 'bout Disney
For your man to make it gotta drop on his knees
Trynna make music that'll benefit the body
If it floods hope there's room on that Lil Yachty

Not throwin' shots, prayin' for the brother
Given your platform, I hope and pray that you raise another
Cuz these kids lookin' at you like a super man
But when you take of the cape you just anotha' man

I don't know if you're ever gonna do that
Well since I'm here I'm gonna try to give them all the facts
Of the resurrected King sittin' on the throne
Til I'm rejected and the maggots eat me to the bone

I ain't perfect, Go knows that's true
Why he gave me this gift I ain't gotta clue
I'm a broken busted man trynna find the way
Stargazing got me lookin' up to YHWH

So here we go again lookin' at my notepad
"Make better songs Willy, last few were kinda bad"
Thank you for the love fam really 'preciate it
This part ya'll either gonna love or hate it

Christian celebrities with alternative remedies
That are not from the gospel man they be gettin' me
They don't speak for me and that's straight from the heart
God give em' grace I see fault in our stars

Everything we gotta put it to the test man
You gotta protect everything under your chest man
Gotta strategize your moves like it's chess man
Wedding's coming soon don't wanna be the best man

These a metaphors to try to show you something bigger
But you won't bang with it if I'm not pulling triggers
So I flip Vert's verse like it ain't a thing
All my friends are dead cuz we gave ours to the King

That's a reference to the bible if you didn't know
Phillippians 1:21 now you know
It's cool if you don't bang with the believer guy
Cuz I don't really care if you cry

Diving exchange explained with a fair amount
Of music and melody humility comes out the mouth
Chart climbing not the purpose no billboard
You can't impress the Lord with those awards

That was intro from Ashes in 14'
Now I'm in a new season with new 16's
He gave it all so I'ma do my best to give it mine
Welcome to Ken let's do this one more time

One more time
Music got me feeling so free

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