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"Intangible Dream"

[Verse 1]
You sat at the table, speaking in tongues
So slain in the spirit, confessing his love
I sat in my bedroom, listening close
To your faithful devotion, unwavering hope

And I weeped as I wondered if we have been fooled
Into holy sedation of this unrelenting burden
Have we been fooled?

[Verse 2]
Now I hear the preacher, who speaks from your screen
He sounds like an as*h*le with words of prosperity
And you look on so purely, so full of belief
But it’s not hope he gives you, but some intangible dream

Oh, have we been fooled?
Have we been fooled?

Oh, God, how I love you
How I’ll take on your pain
But I am no messiah
No cross that I claim
But I promise to keep you
And walk through the trials
With your hand in mine
With every step in truth

Oh, have we been fooled?
Oh, God, have we been...?

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