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Malcolm X


[Intro: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]

So my friends
Did they not die in vain
God still has a way of bringing good out of evil
History has proven over and over again
Unmerited suffering is redemption
In spite of the darkness of this hour
We must not dispair
We must not become bitter...

[verse 1]

Hope they don’t kill you cuz you black today
The realest thing I heard another rapper say
You could be straight A
Sum c*mlade bout to graduate
Racist wit a badge see you a n***a
So he actuate
sh*t get heavy like the pull of nameks gravity
Higher learning not just a movie
That sh*t introduced me to my reality
Foreseen by those that’s after me
Emmett Till had died for nothing
Way before that last discussion
Karen see me
Start discussing like
I know
He up to something
Call the good 'ol boys
Tell em that it’s time to get the huntin'
‘Tis the season
They approach with rifle drank
My life a game, must be the reason
I don’t see me leaving
One yelled out “he reaching!”
Bullets hit
My soul leaving
Jesus see me
Started weeping
And what’s sadder than that
I took a step
A second past
They did
Another like that
And another like that
And so on and so on
For them
Ain’t sh*t changed
Trust me
Life for them gon go on


What about me
What about me
What about him
What about she
What about us
What about us

[Refrain - Malcolm X]

So the only way
We're going to get some of this
Oppression and exploitation
Away from us
Or aside from us
Is to come together against the common enemy

[verse 2]

Nat and Malcolm told me fight for yours
By any means
Sun Tzu told me
Know your enemy and how he thinks
President don’t give a f**k bout me
That what I know
But he’d never see me wit the hands
Cuz he a hoe
I been redt' to die since biggie told me n***as bleed
Just like me
I could never fear the enemy
Or there regime
If it’s war
Then meet me in the streets
Live and die by that
You know how is n***as be
Run up on the gang
Don’t catch kids when they alone
Play that sh*t wit us and we see who gon make it home
Pick a side
We won’t ask no questions when we slide
Cuz it’s all fun and games until another baby die
Another momma cry
Another killer free
Another talk with kids of color bout
How strange the
Fruit can be
And so on and so on
To think you’ll kill us all
Bruh bruh
You so wrong
I just hope I see you when sh*t go off


Cuz we about us
We about us
We about us
Can't say n***a
We about us

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