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"Aquila-inverse disstrack"

Yo yeet skrt baimonly my n*ggas

Verse 1:
Inverse, ur mom gay
You got a good cheat, because you pray
Ur pc has nothing on me
Its so B-A-D
Ur uid is 160

Verse 2:
U think ur funny
Making these songs
But we all know
Ur hitting the bong :sunglasses:
I'd never touch the devils lettuce
It makes me anaesthetise
When you trap to rap
It makes you look like
You are a trap :O

Verse 3:
Spamming your songs in discord
But you know you are ignored
Yung inverse
Always got the worse verse
When i listen to his songs
I wanna travel along
Because they are so bad
n*gga can't even rhyme
Or get into prime

Gg my boy inverse
I've just ended ur carrer

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