Maced lyrics


"Okay big man go ahead and fill up them shoes"
Big case, big bands, its the face of the blues
"It comes so slow and away how it goes
And the fame comes slow that's the way how it go"
(The way how it go)
Watch me go dumb dumb in the dead of night
Pick a fight wit' myself and let the devil write
[Verse 1]
"His negative awkward tendencies seem to breathe
Under the pressure-esc anxiety he seems to see"
"Boy what's in them Jeans"
"Next to nothin"
"Boy what's in them Jeans"
"Boy next to nothin'"
"Man them speakers be clean boy keep 'em thumpin
And them trees that be green boy keep from bumpin'"
Sundown we gon' find out who gon' run out
Clamp down on a b*t*h throat it go *snap* "ow"
Black out and wake up in a whole track down
This twelve pack gon' really turn into a ounce now
'Cause then they get so mad they open mouths ugh
Always talkin', spoutin' bout this loud ugh
"Y'all be big ass clowns and that's the now huh?"
Sheesh, I guess that's the now
*Telephone rings and then gets thrown out the window*
Black gunk all in my lungs, I really wanna breathe
Like "sh*t up all in yo gums, I really wanna see
Them pearly whites with them gold, that's how its gotta be"
Them teeth gotta be nice, ice, its gotta be cold
b*t*h gotta see that drip, its gotta be bold
Gotta be cold, be bold
Watch me go dumb dumb in the dead of night
Pick a fight with the devil and let the homies write
[Verse 2]
"He did it right, with the hook and hope inside
He did it nice, with the juice and pesticides
Just like a light, he shinnin' bright then nighty night."
Nighty night
He shinnin' bright then nighty night
At this point into the night I feel like I might
Knock out, knees locked out, hes out goodnight
Hes out goodnight (Out goodnight)
(Now i'm really Trippy)
[Verse 3]
Where'd it all go wrong
Just like that we really lost
Man f**k tonight
Chuggin' 'paccinos by the mornin'
Knockin' snoozin now we snorin'
All a bad dream by the mornin'
Thats damn right!
We gon' make it out of this concreted zoo
And out of this nightmare hole too
And out again
Up and in the world again
Out of something like a magic egg
Some false reality in my mind
Make it happen, I will too
You know we gon' get it through
Thats damn right
Thats damn right
Thats damn right
Damn damn damn right

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