Truth Hurts
[Verse 1 - Rakim]
You off the planet, wherever you at you stand out
Plus you specialize in freakin your man out
Put it all in one pot lets see if it pan out
Stick ya hand out, I got it all planned out
Layin out the way, I set a date to wed on
Plus you got your head on, you my queen from here on
Lookin like lady Revlon with all red on
She fiending till I'm in her arms, I'm King
Put the silk bedspread on
Rose pedals and scent candle lit
Victoria's Secret set on
Rough sex turnin her on
So ghetto, innocent but scandalous just bling and fur on
Million dollar habit, she said its a fetish she gotta have it
Once she get it, she holla thats it
Keep the waters rapid
The hotter its automatic

Oh shit, she OD'n again I got an addict

[Verse 2: Truth Hurts]
He breaks me down, he builds me up
He fills my cup, I like it rough
We fuss, we brawl, we rise, we fall
He comes in late, but it's okay
He do, I do, he knows the rules
He takes care of home, though he's not alone
I'm on his team, he keeps me clean
And gives me things, he makes me scream
[Hook: Truth Hurts]
He's so contagious, returns my pages
He's got me anxious, he's what I've waited for
He keeps me guessing, spontaneous
He's so persuasive and I'm his lady

[Verse 3: Truth Hurts]
Oh! Tonight is waitin, and I ain't complainin
I'm entertainin, my number one fan
My back is achin, from our love makin
Oh yes I'm taken, ain't no use in fakin
My ups, my downs, my high and my lows
From head to toe, he makes me glow
He hits the spot, he makes me hot
I'm all that he's got, and he's all that I've got


[Verse 4: Rakim]
Thinking of a master plan
You know anything you need baby ask your man
You was there from a half a gram
Now it's kilos to C-notes and high fashion brands
We ball like we own the world
The only concern is you my only girl
And when we speakin in tongues
Breathing hard when I'm squeezin' your lungs
Keep it strong, but I gotta hit the streets when I'm done
It's joy and pain, when you tryin to get ahead of the game
It's fucked up, but you never complain
You just pray I don't get killed when I hit the hood
Just another hundred mill' and I'mma quit for good
No more drug wars trips to jail and shootouts
Gettin loot out for lawyers and bail'll get you boot out
Just me and you, high off sex and twisted
You OG'd and you OD: addicted