Q Money
Dripp Wave
Yeah, yeah
This just the new wave, right?
Young Pharoah on the beat
This that new drip, right?
I know n***as gon' try steal this flow
Haha, haha

[Verse 1]
Hear no evil, see no evil, I only see blue people (Yeah)
The shorty got that fire (Yeah), yeah, she should be illegal (Drip)
These bands what I desire (Yeah), I'm tryna feed my people (Drip)
I don't know a n***a flier (Yeah), I'm flier than a seagull (Dripp wave)
Used to trap out of that rigo (Drip), run with that illegal (Yeah)
I might take a trip to Cleveland (Drip), drop them bags off to them people (Dripp wave)
I popped the percy this evening, got me feeling like a demon (Drip)
These b*t*hes just want my semen (Yeah), I know that they wanna eat it (Dripp wave)
Yeah, his main thing been creepin' (Drip), he playin' heavy defence (Drip)
I f**ked her this evening (Drip), right after my meeting (Dripp wave)
She sneakin' and geekin' (Ah), molly got her tweakin' (Ah)
We've been freakin' all wekeend (Ah, ah), it's the freakin' weekend (Dripp wave)
But my n***a got them P's in (Yeah), so you know I gotta go cop it (Yeah)
Got them G-Stars, not them Robins (Drip), if you want it lil' shorty, I got it (Drip)
Bad little b*t*h look like Kehlani (Ooh), got that drip, [?] (Ooh)
Gotta keep her right beside me (Drip), inside her is where you'll find me (Dripp wave)
I ride her, yeah, that's my mommy (Ah), I love when she call me papi (Ah)
She ride me like Kawasaki (Ooh), we eatin' that Benihana (Ooh)
With chopsticks and drinkin' sake (Drip), got mopsticks for all you oppies (Drip)
I hope you not feeling c*cky (Drip), don't make me have to come up here (Dripp wave)
.30 with the [?], I'm dressed in all black baby (Drip)
I'm 'bout to take the sack baby (Drip), I gotta make it back baby (Drip)
I been in the trap lately (Yeah), I know I need to rap baby
But I gotta get a sack baby (Ah), I'm 'bout to move this packs baby (Ah, ah)
Said they lookin' but they know where I'm at (Drip), let me call you back, 'cause I need the phone tapped (Drip)
Baby tried to blow me, I ain't goin' like that (Drip), baby take him on one, and that's no cap (Dripp wave)
I'm not going back baby (Ooh), I put my hood on the map baby (Baby)
Real n***a, and that's a fact baby (Baby), hood n***a, and that's a fact baby (Baby)
Drip, dripp wave
Drip, it's that dripp wave
Haha, drip, dripp wave
Haha, drip, dripp wave

[Verse 2]
Ha, I been counting Z-O's, I hang with that people (Yeah)
I been eating Cheetos (Yeah), and Fritos and Doritos (Drip)
They're wrapped in double cheese though (Yeah), I'm worth 500 kilos (Drip)
Shorty on my line, and I'm at her like a free-throw (Dripp wave)
Not [?], not no [?], got four pockets full of them C notes (Yeah)
Got the same brick on my wrist (Drip), had that crib, hit that n***a Deebo (Dripp wave)
Too much drip like a faucet (Drip), oh sh*t, saucing, do that often (Drip)
Look at my closet, I been ballin' (Yeah), she been stalkin', I been stallin' (Dripp wave)

Drip, dripp wave
Drip, it's that dripp wave
Haha, drip, dripp wave
Haha, drip, dripp wave