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"Real Love, Pt. 2"

[Intro: Jacob Latimore]
Oh, oh-whoa
Oh, ooh-whoa

[Verse 1: Jacob Latimore]
From day one, told you I ain't the one that you wanna play with
I ain't the one that's gon' sit back and never say sh*t
I know you got a lot of n***as in the bleachers
Tryna take my play, oh
I'm the only one, b*t*h, you better let 'em know
And if I want that pu**y from you, better let it go
And yeah, I f**k with you, that's why I keep your wrist on froze
Yeah, I f**k with you, and why you act like you don't know? Yeah (sh*t)
Called you three-four times, you don't pay no mind
Text you with that message, you ain't get the message
When you go in silence, I get worried
Pull up on lil' baby in a hurry, yeah
Sit that booty on the nightstand
What you talkin' 'bout? I know you like that
And I'ma tell you when it's over
Oh yeah, you know she a soldier

[Chorus: Jacob Latimore]
Girl, it's a real love
Girl, it's a real love
Now put your legs up (Legs up)
I got her legs up
And now she don't wanna leave
Now she don't wanna leave, oh
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