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Ouija Macc

"High Alert"

[Verse 1: Death+]

[Hook: Death+]

[Verse 2: Ouija Macc]
Why is my brain gone
Why is my face wrong
Punching a mirror and I put a hole in the wall that it hangs on
I am amazaan
My b*t*h amazon
I got a 6-6-5 on the fist put your face on
I got a loaded beretta and nobody telling me stay strong
This is a great song
You sing the same song
Thats why your b*t*h pulling up to your crib and she wearing the same thong
Don't worried it stayed on
She didn't stay long
She just be stuck to my dicc while I'm making the sh*t that you hate on
To be a fake
I wouldn't know
I feel my soul
What does your b*t*h call you?
Probably Chad huh
Probably glad huh
She call me Daddy yuh
She got it bad yuh
I watched the blood soak
Into the bag yuh
Wait til' she doze off
Finish the bag yeah
Filthy American dream
Beautifully sad yuh
Feeling like only a week ago people was calling me fag huh
Now they stealing the swag huh
Couple of weeks I'll be dead yuh

[Hook: Death +]

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