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Tha Joker (US)

"Drank In My Cup (Freestyle)"

[Verse 1]
I Done Came Down, On The Way Down
I Mean Way Down And I Stay Down
I Put It Down, I Hold It Down
If You Talking Down, I'm Drawin' Down
I Keep It Real With All My Hoes
They Respect The sh*t So I Don't Trip
Your Girlfriend All Over Me
Cause I Let Her Breathe Like A Nose Drip
I Let Her Breathe Like Scuba Gear
That Freak In Her, I Bring It Out
I'm A Real G, She Feeling Me
She Soaking Wet, Can't Ring It Out
You Pay Her Bills, I Pay My Dues
She Give You Blues, She Buy Me Shoes
Like Lil' Mal, I Hit & Go
I Just Call That sh*t A Stick And Move
If I See Her Out, I Don't Even Scream
Behind Closed Doors, She My Little Freak
I Mean Big Freak, I Mean His Freak
I Mean Enormous Freak, I Mean Super Freak
Need A Cape On Her, Puttin' Weight On Her
Spend A Half A Check Like Every Week
And Everytime I'm Hungry Dawg
She Breakin' Out That EBT
She Tweet Me, I Don't Tweet Her Back
Cause My Timeline, They Be Watching That
Got A Lot Of Hoes, f*ck Like A Rabbit
Got Good Intentions And Bad Habits
You Accuse Her About Stupid sh*t
Got No Proof And You Ain't Sure
What You Don't Know Is You Sent Her To Me
Cause She Hate It When You Act Insecure
She Wanna Leave And Run To Me
I Know That She Got Feelings Too
But Money Is All That I'm Into
She Bring It Up, I Play It Cool
But A f*ck Friend I Will Be
And Beat It Down, I Will Do
I'm Growin' On Her Like Mildew
Got Trees On Me Like A Rear View
Never Let Hoes Get To Me
I Get 'Em High And They Sexin' Me
And My Weed Ain't Got No Seeds
That's A Sacred Vasectomy
She Wake Up Just Texting Me
I Don't Reply Till The Next Day
Don't Even Know Which One It Is
Don't Even Got A Number Saved
I Rotate 'Em Like Michelin
Spank That Ass Like Discipline
I Wax That Ass, And Taxed That Ass
And Probably Won't Even Hit Again
And It's Too Cold, I Mean 2 Cold
So I Probably Came With Two Hoes
She Wanna f*ck Me Right Now
But I'll Probably Take That Ass To Go

Girl I Hear You Talking Bout You Want Somebody
Want A n*gga That Don't Really Need You
Girl I Hear You Talking Bout You Want Somebody
Want A n*gga That Ain't Tryna Keep You
You Heard What I Said, I Just Want Some Head
I Ain't Tryna Wife You Baby, Just f*ck You Instead
I Ain't Tellin' Nothing Baby, Just Keep The sh*t To Yourself
And Just Break A n*gga Off Girl, If I Ever Need Some Help
Baby You Know Wassup, Yeah
Baby You Know Wassup, Yeah
Baby You Know Wassup

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