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Max B

"Dom Perignon"

(Max B.)
Public Domian its your boys lets go owww

She said, n*gga you sexy as f*ck
And you gotta lot of rocks on your arm (rocks on your arm)
Before she suck on the di*k
She drenches it in dom perignon (dom perignon)
Its a shame that you famous
Why you always f*cking with my head (f*cking with my head)
Cuz im something like a pimp
b*tch tell me where the f*ck is my bread (f*ck is my bread)

[Verse 1: Max B.]
Hey bae, I thought u was in love
You turned out to be a 10, I thought you was a dub
But thats what I get, for judging a book by its cover
Role play convict ceo, and crook by the covers
Plus im closer than my brother
Many b*tches I f*ck em burners they clutch em, max will go back for murder its nufin
I be just be trynna to chill, instead theses n*ggas temp me
Want me to put it in they brain, and pop until its empty, Call my n*ggas nitty and Richie
Bring a couple of fiftys, them smiley faces they good, they got em by the plenty
And they lovin me in da city, they like bigavel
Push up on him while he ain't lookin, take the n*gga Ale, everything I touch is a wave
I seen it in here eyes, she told me take the hat off come inside
You should of seen her thigh, homie I've been deprived beautiful women
From 97 to 2005, lets ride (lets ride)


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