Air Maxes lyrics

​mixed matches

[Verse 1]

Yeah, I don't got no time, all she wanna do is wine, I got Vivine on
The neck, but it came with a price tag. Shawty looking good, I can pull her on my worst day, yaw worry about her chest, I just worry what her check say

[Verse 2]

She gon call tonight, she gon call two times, Had to tell her once
You the one I like, all white air maxes, she can't fit my size (No no). Hit me up at 9, now her thighs feel fine

[Verse 3]

I'm not hard to find, I be shinning bright, In her inboxes, I get heart
And eyes (Woah). I can't wife her tho ( Why?). She text hella guys (No no), and thе party hot, cause the chrome insidе. Where my best
Friend, she gon pull up in them slides, shawty at the entrance, it's a 2020 hop inside, and shawty like the necklace, no I'm not like other guys. If bestie doesn't like you, then you not finna go ride

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