All the Time lyrics

​mixed matches

[Pre-Chorus: mixed matches]
I never wanna leave again cause if I did I’d regret it
And I think
That you would miss me
But I’ve been trying to think about you when I can
And I know that you'll be here and there
But I don’t really wanna tell you what I really feel

[Chorus 1: mixed matches]
Could you tell me how to [?]
Could you tell me where to be
Cuz I don't know if anything feels right and I guess I could do it

[Hook 1: mixed matches]
All the time
All the time
All the time
All the time

[Verse 1: Ish7k]
And I noticed
You’ve been different
Well I keep calling I can’t stop thinking
All the times that I tried
If I lеave I’m gone miss it
Cause if I say goodbyе I know it’ll be a mistake
Girl, would you follow through
Or would you lie to me
Cause I won’t feel so alone
If you right next to me
And I’ve been calling you
But you can’t hear a thing
I’m tryna talk to you
Girl, just please don’t let it ring

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