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"​i øverdøsed øn yøu and almøst died frøm withdrawls"

[Verse 1]
I'm dressed in all black like I'm home again
Drain this little casket that you left me with
I'm trippin hard guess I'm falling in
Will you hold me back or let me in?
Oh girl don't try to save me
'Cause I don't need saving
I'm just holding onto “maybe”
'Cause I want you to be my lady

I'm tryna pull you close
Girl I need another dose
I been in withdrawls
Way before you even met me
I'm tryna hit your phone
Girl don't be another ghost
You been breaking hearts
Way before you even met me

[Verse 2]
It's hard to fall asleep
'Cause I can't feel you there
I'm tossin' in my sheets
Oh I been so aware
I'm waiting on your text
Oh we're in disrepair
Remember rosy cheeks
And your heavy stare
I wonder why you wanna save me
'Cause I know I'm f**king crazy
I'm sorry last night was hazy
Oh babe I'll take the blame
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