"​kissing in the dark"

[Anton Golden]
I know she only want cause she know I’m going far aye
I just smoke my dope while I’m playing my guitar aye
Ou I love your body girl it’s like a work of art aye
Grabbing on your throat after kissing in the dark aye
Girl you look like something right out of my wildest dreams aye
Feel like Freddy Kruger damn I love the way you scream aye
Calling me the captain cause it feel like we at sea aye
Feel your body quiver while you’re gripping on your sheets aye

I know what you need aye
Make you hit them high notes
Now you sound like me bae
Only for the night hoe
My heart in my briefcase
When i turn the lights low
She turn to a freak aye aye
All of these women they got me so numb
That's why I never be falling in love
They come and go but my mind is on you
Told me you loved me but that wasn’t true
Making me crazy when I feel your touch
Come a lil’ closer I’ll whisper you something
I got some handcuffs and rope in my room
I think that they would look sexy on you
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