Lamp God (Rap God Parody)
I'm beginning to feel like a lamp god, lamp god
All these fake fans wanna be part of the lamp squad, lamp squad
Now who thinks their bulbs are bright enough to max watt, max watt?
They said I'm hot, and I'm store bought for more than laptops

[Verse 1]
But I need a hat like a lamp shade, just to keep in my heat
I plug in laptops, I got Adapt Sockets
My shade is so hot, I heat up Hot Pockets
I got a fat knot, in my backdrop
Got a million, or a billion wattage
Edison knows me
As the real Thomas, though my name isn't Tom
Riddle me on this, more volts?
Voldymort, Expelliarmus, and I know that I can't rap all that well
Gibberish, a little Asian? (Alliteration)
This chickidy, mc-idy flipity-flip flop
You don't really wanna get into a lamping match
With this lamppity-lamp
Slapping a Mac, on the back, where the laptop back cracks like a Tic Tac
Snakity Snak, now back to the lamp rap
And pretend these lyrical "Tic & Tacs"
Are really Eminems I spat
I still be able, To outshine a Lava-Lampin' Table
Bright as a flash, Like a low-lit-Snap-Chat that's on a 5S!
Now it doesn't really matter what I say right here
Just gotta keep it fast so your ears can't hear
But you gotta make sure that when you're ending a line
It's close enough, close enough to a rhyme!!
ASDF LMNOP 123, everybody follow me, cause this is the part
Most vital for applause, back to the start, end with the t**le
LAMP GOD!!!!!!