I’m Talking
On and on and on, and on it goes
On and on and on, and on it goes
On and on and on, and on it goes...

It's time we tie the knot around that rock
We not in sync
Got me to stop and think
You ready to die for that link?
Is that check worth the ink?
Spell the word emergency in burgundy
Next to the dishes in your kitchen sink

With a short breath but a deep lung
I’m talking each four bars when the beat come
How come he comes with an outcome
And other ones talk to hear talk
Huh? Can you hear? Who’s that? Speak up
Voice that violence
Opinion is not choice
So choose your shhhh...

Shimmy through every season
Silly crew brethren beefin'
Killing this Midwest region
Spillin' my breath and leaving
My thoughts on a page hot
Talk is cheap
No sleep til the pen drop
Reap til the beat stop
Til my heartbeat stop
Til my feet stop pressing on
[Crescent Moon]
Yeah, lay me down lay me down
Down with my pride
In a crate of instrumental demo tapes
As proof that I tried
Better not forget my my true love
Put her by my side
Throw my guitar in the back before we ride

But no one's hearing it
Lost in the gloss of a mirror again
Caught up in appearances
You thought you heard the truth
My god you must be hearing sh*t
With a new suit, you knew who's year it is
Three cheers for the spiritless
Still talking - but no one's hearing it

What about me? Sail this asphalt like the black seas
Pontius Pirate - hide this cross in the backseat
Black sheep - hand me the bad blood
Laughing at sand in the bathtub
No man is an island
And there ain't no message in that bottle
It's hollow - Exactly
I'm talking
But no one's listening
P*ssed off and whispering - stuck
Distancing self from life of a lot of love
Gotta hide from a lot of trust
Need a guide through the rust
Liable to bust
Style of a child gotta hush
Just need to push
Never been the type to shush
Just brush dust and walk

[Crescent Moon]
I'm talking about different times
I was a different man
Five brothers, different skin colors
Whatever's the plan
"St Paul Kings" tagged in a Murderap taxi
Hit the brakes in D.C. and we finally crashed in Cali

To a blank page
Just filling in blank space
Why do we depend on these relationships to fill in that blank space?
I hold the weight up for ransom
I take it because you take it for granted
Hold the leaves until they're breakin' my branches
I came, I saw
I played Contra
You sang the song, we say the saga turned opera
The world is off-beat
My heart is right on
But the beat don't stop me it goes back to the back beat back to the concrete watch me keep walking

Yelling, screaming, demons, leaving, needing, release
So please, let these expell a piece
Telling, treating, life like, greeting, needing, release
So please let these expell the peace and give me a shot of the hell you seek

[Crescent Moon]
I'm talking right now, to the all night, My boys around
While the midnight oil burn down, And the beat ain't gonna get turned down
Wine bottles, magazine models
And records on the ground
Four minds collide
Put a mic up to that sound - check it out

It goes on and on and on, and on it goes...