Coup for the Kings
Okay fuse lit
Slow train move quick
Dive show pay dues
Live flow stay true
While you got them cocaine blues
I'm on some tre dudes sh*t
So cool with no coupe
No rings
Just a crew thing
Recoup quick
Got a coup for the kings
Don’t they think they slick?
I lay the bricks make the corners fit
Y’all are just working angles
On some self-important sh*t
But don't get it twisted
I-I am a business
This is all pulp no mulch no filler
Flow iller killer guerrilla top-biller
Go big or go homeboy
You know me lay low
I don’t come around the scene
I don’t play with you toys
Big crew big noise
I am the motor motivate the filmstrip
Keep the picture flickering on
And no I don’t quit till the dawn
No paint just stain
Permeate mark made
Brighten up the dark days
I am a shark man
All heart half alligator tooth
See through that Darth Vader suit
Ain’t they cute?
Giving panic attacks to all you rap Anakins
With your mannequin stance
I’m a pit bull running with wolves
You’re a shar-pei in a sweater made of cheap wool
Don't sweat the technique fellas
Doomtree's better
Better let us[?] than you
Be cool
Don't sweat the technique fools
Doomtree's better
You better be cool

Okay fuse lit
Doom's the crew
Sick shoes sick wounds[?]
[?] who are you?
We only share a genre in your iTunes
I'm not you, rapper
My caliber is out of character
No brake caliper
No slow, bust all barriers
All go, all guts scarier
Tour[?] for the sake of the [?]
Leave 'em sore from the shake in [?]
So damn bored with the hors d'oeuvres
Nothing but fluff
I need something that'll fill up my guts to fill up my cup
Flood[?] runneth over
Done it
Play the race
Scrape your change man it's over
Doomtree, Rhymesayers, what ain't fresh?
The crews be lifesavers
You ain't next
I mean, we ain't next cause we right now
Wrecked all those, adios
Lazer says you gotta go
Rattle up your barrio
King Koopa spit straight burning up your Mario
Rappering the fire 'round your sorry little audio
Johnny Cash sh*t, wait
Walk the line, talk what's on the mind
Let 'em follow