Pose with a cigarette just to see who lights it first
Aw love you didn’t think the pirouettes would lift your skirt?
On the phone with a close friend whose name you don’t know
Something bigger came up baby
So sad you can’t go
It’s amazing what they let you get away with in dim light
And it’s crazy watching you go pale in stage lights
The handbills, the fan mail
The photos that they shoot
You show up just to look at them lookin’ at you
You’ve got that gold touch
You’ve got that mad rush of the bored and over-lonely
Adored by young strangers, a stranger to old friends
You came up quick and now you’ve got the bad bends
Can’t remember which houses you live in which ones you visit
Business is different than what you envisioned, isn’t it?
All this cause and not an effect yet
Just gauze and Percocet
Bump the set 'till God can hear it
And quell this fear that I’m feeling that heaven is quite deaf

[Hook: Cecil Otter]
And all I hear is
King me
Love me
Watch me
Did he love me
Honey kiss me
Is she off me
Naughty, you’ve been naughty
La-dee da-dee
Move your body
[Cecil Otter]
Or use your body language
A, because it’s easy to read
B, because you’re stuck in anxious-ville
C, you don’t speak easily
Yeah, we can be mind-f**k buddies
Or the beast with two backpacks
You just got to trust somebody
After you suck somebody into your laugh track
Your audience is crying
And I know you’ve noticed
You’re focusing in circles dear
I see your lips moving, but all I hear is
"Does he still love me?
Why don’t he know that I’m in pain?
Why don’t he still need me?
Why don’t he know that I can change?"

Take steps like I don’t wanna wake ya
Not a sound from the floorboard, four more steps to the door
Don’t look back don’t get shook, don’t crack
Don’t act so took
Don’t tack another sorry on
Time is gone for that, just go
Maybe cause the time was wrong
Up in the head but the heart’s a strong one
That’s what I shoulda said
Woulda coulda but the door still creaks
Just leave, please just don’t speak
These dreams need sleep
And I woke to a need to relieve not cope
Hope don’t float
Hope sinks low
Hope breeds free with the demons below
Faith is a razorblade you can raise to the face
Of any hangman that gives you the rope
Just go
[Hook: Cecil Otter]