Last Call
[Dessa & Cecil Otter]
Just another story of the sea, see?
Trying hard to drown on dry land
That way, they say, is easy
But when day breaks, awake on the sand

[Hook: Dessa]
Like a fish out of water that's
Pumping music through her gills
Like a fish out of water

There's blood in the water, money on the table
The pool sharks take the bait
Hook, line, sinks her eight ball on the break

[Cecil Otter]
She's got that porcelain drunk doll face
And a taste for the girls
Just won a cup of confidence, kept confidential
So remember to keep on coming
Up and up she's rushing orders
In order to crush the torture that weighs her down
She's cut off and off she goes to cut the corner
Voice is taken down
Loud with lust and trust issues
But she's bound to bust into a crush with you
Must have been through a thousand loves
That love to move, they love to move alone
She loved the story when it started
But the ocean was the author
[Dessa & Cecil]
And the end came as a cold shock
To a pocket full of rocks, to a mouth full of water

Pumping music through her gills

She fell asleep with a pen in her hair
Woke with ink in the sheets
Fell asleep with a name in her mouth
Woke with an ache in her teeth
Both soles of her feet still wet
Third time this week she's been to drown in drink
(Drowning in)
She was baptized in bourbon
She capsized for certain
Took a pull off the bottle
Wrote a note in her careful cursive
And let go
Of a love letter written in ash and broken English

"It’s better to let a message alone"

They say everything floats but it don't
Bottle broke and we sink like stones
Angel falling starboard into the drink
Last call comes quicker than she thinks

The water weighted her wings
Feathers like anchors and she...
Let go, of a ghost and a bird
They float so close to the surface
She knows

Better than betting that heaven is sending a lifeboat now

There's no use charting courses
The current forces where the small ships go
And it's always the same fortune
Pulling petals off the compa** rose

She was cut off off the cuff
Came down down enough
Couldn't amount to much
Wasn't allowed to love
[Dessa & Cecil]
The water weighted her wings
Fathoms pa** by in a blink


[Dessa & Cecil]
Don't touch or you'll ruin the reef
Catch just what you're willing to keep


[Dessa & Cecil]
Don't touch or you'll ruin the reef
Catch just what you're willing to keep