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Trick Trick

"All Around The World"

[Intro: Trick Trick]

Okay, hip-hop might be in a state of emergency
But you can't really blame the artists
Don't point the finger, y'knowmsayin?
Let's do what we do, let them do what they do
They all sayin the same sh*t anyway
Let's do what we wanna do
Trick Trick, Royce 5'9"

[Verse 1: Trick Trick]

Done all types of dirt all across the world
And all kind of shows for you boys and girls (heyyy!)
High schools to shows of nothin but old folks
G.D.'s, blue rags, red rags and [?]
Detroit to L.A., B-Ham to Jersey
Atlanta to B.K., A-Z to V-A
Now I done seen some strange sh*t
But all around the world homeboy it's the same sh*t
I'll tell you this; ain't got a gang of crews on these blocks (so what?)
Heard it's a pretty b*tch just itchin to get knocked (so what?)
Lines of broads at these shows (so what?)
With backstage passes and wantin to be chose (so what?)
Everybody wanna be better than the next
It's the same everybody claimin they better than the rest (oooh)
Everybody got a Glock, everybody got a spot
Everybody sell dope - WHO DON'T?


Al around the world (it's the same old song homie)
Round and round we go (yeah)
Al around the world (it's just the same old song homie)
Round and round we go (yep)

[Verse 2:Trick Trick]

Uh; can we get a moment to reflect
On the music that we distributin and tryin to eject?
Yep, your sounds ain't goin down (so)
Blame it on downloads but it's the same old sound
Everybody is a killer, man go and tell the truth!
Most of y'all ain't killers 'til your ass in the booth
Take a look in the mirror and be honest with yo'self
You got a guap on records off another n*gga's wealth
Truth hurt, don't it? You think you ain't special enough?
With some people to listen to you so you makin it tough
At a show you too hard to throw your Goddamn hands up
While I'm at it, man pull yo' Goddamn pants up!
In real life in the joint if you sad
You belong to a man and yo' ass is a fag (ooooh)
I ain't mad at n*ggas changin the game
Cause the world is lookin at us like we all the same, so


[Verse 3:Royce Da 5'9"]

My n*gga I got you!
I got you, don't worry about it
Yeah, yeah

b*tch please, get lost, I get big cheese
Me and Trick be gettin green like split peas
Pick a place, any place
I done been through it, pick a state, any state
And if you ain't geographically inclined
You can get the globe and you can pick a shape, any shape
Heh, where you from? I could care less
I'm fearless, I'll show you so you will know it's real
Cause once the K's get to tearin whole blocks up
Like (blam blam blam) now you from Cloverfield
I just look like this, I do it just to get the kitty cat
I'm bringin n*ggas that look pretty back
And while I'm at it I'm bringin Detroit city back
Holla when you land, I'll take you to where the titties at
(Titties at) You lil' n*ggas is lame
Put the tobacco back in the blunt, you spittin the same
We goin


[Outro: Trick Trick]
Go on mayne, hip-hop ain't dead homie...
I like that dawg
That's some real sh*t...
Hehehe, you just thumpin' the hell out that bass, ain't ya?

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