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YBN Nahmir


[Intro: YBN Nahmir & YBN Almighty Jay]
What up, bruh? What you doin', bruh?
sh*t, coolin’, ridin' 'round right now
Just seein’ what you was on. You straight, bruh?
sh*t, hell nah, n***a out here stressin', bruh
n***a tryin' get out this sh*t

What you mean? What's hatnin'?
sh*t, n***a been goin' through a whole lotta sh*t
Ya dig what the f**k I'm sayin'?

Ayy, look, matter fact, uh, you and David drive down here, bro
It’s good, it’s all good, we finna see what hatnin'
Alright, bro, fusho, I’m on my way
Uh, lets smoke this gas and get high man
You n***as hatin' on me for real
Yuh, this that YBN sh*t, naw for real, YBN takeover

[Verse 1: YBN Almighty Jay]
These n***as cappin'
I was dead broke, now I'm havin’
Mama, I made it, this YBN sh*t, more than rappin'
Nahmir, my brother, we linked up
Hatin' ass n***as wanna be us
Ride 'round my city with the black tint
'Cause they said they goin' kill us when they see us
You put a price on my head, get yo feet back
Chain all ice, ski that
I f**ked that b*t*h and gave her my number
She called but ain't get no feedback
My neck flooded like Harvey
If I broke your heart then I'm sorry
Freaky lil b*t*h, I get naughty
This the intro to the party (b*t*h!)

[Break: YBN Nahmir]
Damn, this sh*t crazy as hell
What the f**k, my n***as goin' through it too

[Verse 2: YBN Nahmir]
n***as know me from that H to the A
Real n***a, I ain't ever been fake
Stick stance, gotta get to the cash
Watch the grass 'cause these n***as be snakes
These n***as be actin' like they're really livin'
I used to be broke and I ain't know the feelin'
That storm hit my house and I ain't had no ceilin'
I knew it was time just like I'd seen the vision
Ayy, them n***as shot at my crib
And my bro thought that he lost me
When I found out who it was I was shocked
Them n***as crossed me
It get real up in that field so if you lackin' then you get killed
I swear it's war with all them n***as, we ain't goin' stop 'til they OT
Glizzy hit my phone, I was at that light smokin' on that strong
Said, "Bro, it's on," this YBN sh*t, we goin' take that home
Then I made that song
Now all these fake n***as won't leave me alone
I be in my zone, I'm the king right now, b*t*h, I need my throne
Gram went to jail, he was turnt up, n***a, he was causin' hell
He ain't had no bail, all he talked 'bout when he sent that mail
My career won't fail, I'm the man of the house, not in no cell
Trap out hotels, if I ever go downhill, no, I won't tell

[Outro: YBN Almighty Jay]
Mama, I made it
Mama, I made it
Mama, I made it
These n***as cappin'
I was down broke, now I'm havin'
These n***as cappin'
I was down broke, now I'm havin'
I was down broke, now I'm havin'

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