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Let me loosen you up with drugs!

[Verse 1]
Many are sufferin' from schizophrenia
Plenty are destroyed mentally
Really, anyone of you can pretend that you are
Atrocious pigs diagnosin' wigs
I diagnose you too disgustin' for society, catch ferocious jigs
Takin' the body count cancer took
Cats that would have Manson shook
Studied the bible and ate half the book
Your f*ckin' grill's a million bucks
With skin peelin' off your flesh
You're so appealin', fresh, the real as f*ck
Stay in the streets with your shank
But for now, we'll fill up your blood bank with crank
You skank, nurses to thank
Neuralgin, Wall Street, college students, accountants
Losin' their minds and they haven't found them
Psychology 101, you've become what you studied once
Now you're the patient of psychologists, son
Put on a good show 'cause the doctors are mockin' you
Clockin' you, peepin' you, watchin' you, ready to lock you, dook
You cats bite me while everythin' that you sing is soft
You cats can't write raps, might as well bite your fingers off

It's Schizophrenia!
Clozaril, Haldol, Thorazine, Risperdal, Olanzapine
Luvox, Lithium, Depakote, Anafranil, Tegretol
It's Schizophrenia!

[Verse 2]
You're a psycho, screamin' like Joan of Arc burnin'
Rockin' a f*ckin' mullet
You're keepin' it gully, white trash vermin
Tattooed up and screwed up, crack viled up and restrained
Some Annie sh*t 'cause the pain remains
You're vulgar with a mustache, you're also female
Delusional genius, complex like a laptop with e-mail
Like Uncle Howie shootin' up when you're 12
Now you're 45 and your life is diamonds in hell
You're on some Bundy sh*t, black decks and a hunchback
A matrix brain interface like a corroded nut sack
Mustached out like Janet, schizophrenic cadavers
Hyper-active and paranoid, panic a Joni Mitchell addict
Bags under the eyes of a hag
A blonde grimace, nose-pickin', hysterical dirt bag
I don't like close-ups
So back the f*ck up before my knife slices you
And leaves you with a cut that won't close up
You look like that chick from Law & Order
You used to be somebody's daughter
Now, your mental's slaughtered
Take your pills with water
Prescription drugs flow through your aorta
Nowadays, it pays to be normal but you can't afford it

[Hook x2]

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