"f*ck Commercial Rap"

(What you going to do?)
(What you going to do?)

(Verse 1)
I don't give a f**k if you're a big time rapper, ice'd up
I don't like your face it'ill look better sliced up
You're a c*ck suck and disgrace to rap kid
Baking a mockery of what G Rap did
Rakim, Krs One and Kane
The big four, wanna learn how to rap, study the game
Commercial, used to be controversial
Now it's all about dress rehershal
And I don't get the best verse, in who's ill
Coming up in the nineties in the streets, could've got killed
Now it's internet gangsters and cowards
Keyboard warriors and tec companies with power
I'm not sour, I'm down with technology
Pimp any way that you can, is my psychology
Salute MC's with a career of fiteen years
I'm all way out here, new jacks be aware
Lonegevity, let's see if you can last as long as me
I'll give up at the first catastrophy
Every ones a dog when they're rolling deep
Are you a thug all along, without your peeps?
I doubt it
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