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"The Ultimate Revenge"

[Verse 1: Necro]

Dipped in khakis, flawless, thugged out like Blackie Lawless
My blades are sharp like the claws of a crawfish
Split your mug, like Gene, you'll split blood
Destroyed like Jani Lane on Celebrity Fit Club
I'm trying to catch the same essence every time I play live
Venom, Slayer, Exodus, Ultimate Revenge '85
Armed with a gat, reckless, rubbing your fat necklace
Classic like Combat Records, murder, rats, and detectives
I'll make you beg to live, I'm type O negative
A hyperventilating sniper with a psycho trigger itch
Don't let Al Qaeda clap ya, they'll try to spite you, and trap you, and fight ya
Like censorship, but be strong like Dee Snider and Zappa
After they suck on a Philly, b*tches get f*cked silly
'Till they're screaming louder than Chuck Billy or f*cking Millie
Brutal like the art on a Possessed LP, like any part of Leprosy, or the march of the S.O.D

[Verse 2: Mr Hyde]

Enter pure evil [?] of beetles
That will bleed you until you're feeble in a steeple or cathedral
Creeps will feed you to the fish, it's the season of the witch
Leave a cleaver in you, lesions on you, reason in a ditch
Ripping out your spine, I'm Scorpion, it's playtime, I'm Kevorkian
Chainsaw your skin and let the blood sport begin
I'll leave a spacious hole inside your face with laser probes
Bleeding [?] from all the places that my shaving razor goes
Ice picks and sickles, poison arrows, blood will leak
Kid, I'll slice you with the triple [?] chunks of meat
Bass guitar string strangle, sure to scar you if you tangle
Yo it's harsh if you head gets squashed just like a mango
f*ck with Berettas, then you're deader than a opossum
Chucked in the river, soon your skeleton's a fossil
I'll drop a little jewel for you, there ain't no pain in death
People suffer during life, when you're dead's when you can rest

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