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"Good Grief it’s a 16 Charlie Brown"

Call me the reaper cuz I'm coming for your harvest
Yall are all weaker guns busting through your carcass
I'm Stalins leader yall are something sorta harmless
You are little squeakers I'll be crushing your toy Thomases

The depressed degenerate that flings excrement
When I'm perplexed at friends it stings venomous
A primal experiment a test rat with wings hilarious
A sickening thing distorted an embarrassment

I don't take this seriously sincerely I'm nasty
I won't fake this it's merely me being fearing why u asking
I'm just a past tragedy feeling and seeing now so vastly
Blah blah some stuff about being sad

Cut the throat of sheeple lay them down bloody
They say I know the secrets of somebody
I'm sick of everything I'm about done with this
Screw you all saying everything I do is under p*ss

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