"Get Whatever I Want Or Like"

[Intro: Ramz & MIST]
I can get whatever I want
(Just made a banger with Sevaqk) Anything I see in the shops
Just know I'm getting paid, yeah

It's like, I can get whatever I want or like
Anything I see in the shops, I buy
Just know I'm getting paid when you're sleeping through the night
If I need space for myself, I'll take a flight

[Verse 1]
It's like, close my eyes
Open them sixty thousand in my account
Me and the mandem going to central, grabbing anything that's loud
We need about three cabs, tell the driver we're going back south
Told my mum that she ain't gotta work no more cause I'm the richest in the house

Now I'm getting paid from shows
Now I'm getting love when I touch road
And now the old girls wanna know
I ride anytime for my bro
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never ever kill me
And if I get taken by the feds, no comment even though I'm guilty
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