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I'm scared
I'm so f**king scared

You're all my peasants, I'm a God
I'mma make these motherf**kers run
I don't f**k with no click rappers
Those fake f**ks are sh*t rappers
I'm the creator of all
They come to my home like they're dead
I will not answer your calls
Then I'll blow up everything that's left
You are going to regret
Treating me like sc*m
I won't forget what they get
I'm serious, in they skull
Get on your bloody knees
And open up wide
It's not the day you say your pleads
Change your f**king life

Do you hear that?
I think he's coming!
Do you feel this?
Better start running!
Can you hear him?
'Cause I think he's near!
Do you fear me?
Justice, stay still!

You think you know me

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