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Smokey Robinson


[Verse 1]
Envious, why should she be so envious
She's says that I've got diamond rings
And furs and things
And even though it's true
Still, I blue, so blue

[Verse 2]
Envious, I can't see why she's envious
'Cause even though I've got the things
That seem so real
She doesn't know how blue I feel
'Cause she's got you

[Verse 3]
It's so strange how things turn out
How funny life can be
I envy her 'cause she has you
And now I find out that she envies me

[Verse 4]
Envious, she's such a fool to be envious
'Cause I would gladly trade the things that I possess
For just kiss, one sweet caresss
From you
It goes to show
That I envy her too

I hurt the too
How you do, envy her too

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