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We don't stress, we gon' roll
Catch your plane to the show
Get your money, then you go
Get your money, then you go, yeah

[Verse 1]
Put the bass on a million
Silly face on a trillion
Don't think they know who they dealin' with
Ain't no homage it's a pilgrimage
Feel it yet, feel it yet, feel it yet, feel it yet
I'ma handle that in a sec'
CIA got me in a mess
In a mess, in a mess, in a mess, in a mess
Had to step up out the trenches
Better stay up out my mentions
I'm aware of your extensions
We should just handle the tension, huh
Well give me a second 'cause me and the club 'bout to trap with the MSFTS, let's go
I think I'm done with the flexing
This is a different direction
The next generation collection
I just hope you get the message
Feel it yet, feel it yet, feel it yet, feel it yet
I ain't stressing 'bout the SMS
Think the plane had to redirect
Into that, intellect, intellect, intellect
Tried to get it, had to intersect
Skin cold, is it winter yet?
Talk stock prices with the interest
But you prolly never seen me in a vest
Stop playing, like, this isn't chess
Like I give a f*ck about the internet

Skate Kitchen on the road
Here we go, moving fast, I move it slow
And we wildin' through the city like a storm
Put the fire in the whip, handle business
ERYS run the city, he a menace

[Verse 2]
They want me to stay, I'm gone, I tell 'em, "We're sorry", uh
I'ma roll up in a X and f*ck a Ferrari, uh
When I walk into the spot, they checking the water, uh
n*ggas is playin' the games, this isn't Atari, uh
Don't even know where I'm at, car going way too fast
Need a couple duffel bags, I'm tryna keep track of the cash, yeah
Put it on autopilot 'cause we finna crash, yeah
When we pull up to the party, we dip and dash, I'm gone
And I'm going 'til I'm sorry, uh
Done with Chanel, done with that Cartier, uh
She don't wanna wear no bracelet
She just want Supreme, grip tape sh*t, let's go
Yuh, aye
I done with all the ice
Yuh, aye, yuh, let's go

You already know what it is, Skate Kitchen vision
See you in ERYS, ERYS way

Skate with me my only one
Take my hands 'til the sun comes out
If you don’t fall then we’re not in love with the concrete jungle
It's where we all come from

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