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"Ride Till We Die"

I keep a four with a trunk full a pumps that'll jump
Fat heat under the seat and I dunk
With the craziest n*gga the shadiest n*gga the ????
f*ck some crystal we on the yak in the bug
With a strap full of slugs n*gga
Any one of you n*ggas try to jack
Get capped in your mug n*gga
Its the loca for show
I go for broke with the loaded 44 revolver
Aimed at your throat

I gotta pain vain just as shady as a game
Three lick again 40 b*tches on my cain
Slanging that lolo smoking that dojo
Back for more dough
Packing that desert eagle it's me and my n*gga C-BO
Keep the lethal illegal channel we trying to see more
Trunk full of kilos in back of the regal
Twin evil ditching the brews so kicking the jews
With 2 raw commercial n*ggas with nothing to lose

We gonna ride till we die
Stay high to the sky
Gulf ass chucks, t-shirts and levis
Cheese getter, heat winner,burn cheddar
To all the g's serving the second or third letter


Look in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
No it's me Dub-C letting my bandana swang
Watching them all walkin my dance
With rocks in my pants
Glokking my can't's
Chuck Taylor's and contra pants
All my booth flanel my lolo my ammo scheam ass for the scandal
Cuz n*ggas be in your court sayin hes a soprano
But dead n*ggas can't talk, f*ck the DA
It's C-BO and dub on this criminal replay

f*ck toning sh*t down I'm fit to bone a b*tch down
Me and dub in the rag ??? hoppin through the town
Crip walkin to the party like WESTSIDE!!
Grab the mike and show them how the west ride
Fo banging ,hoes hanging, zone stanging
Gets no love from the dub we got the infared aiming
Hes flaming,we banging, seat claiming
Give a f*ck till we die these n*ggas ain't changing

Dub C plug me,slug me, with some game
Let it rain,let it drip,hit the switch make it bang
What you claim?
Got affiliated mad circle game, thangs celebrate, better feel the flame
Two hoes will never change creased kahkis and chucks and t-shirt
Bandana on swang,rather it rain, all in the same game
sh*t I got the gravy and the sack, yo cuz, call that shady n*gga back

What you mean?What you mean n*gga
I got the bomb ass tweed n*gga
And dirty choppers that I'll make them retrieve n*gga
All scandalous,I got it on lock
And C-BO show them how you be banging the guard and block

I blow chronic by the pee's n*gga
And stay behind it like steam n*gga
And keep something up your sleeve n*gga
Many 14 2-2-3's
In my hood we stay jumping out of trees n*gga


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