Heart eyes - 3370664

Eli Lucas

Your so heart eyes, its too bad love lies
I'm not surprised, cause you know love dies
Your so heart eyes, it's your disguise
Like the blue skies, until the night time

Baptize me in the river
Drown me so I can forgive her
When I meet god il deliver the message
Il ask him why he's selfish
Why he didn't consider
When he made Adam and Eve
He made them together complete
She came from his lung in his sleep
Then man needed woman to breathe
So why did she leave
Stole my heart from my sleeve
The insidious thief
I thought she would rescue me

[Chorus 2]
I miss you, I won't even lie
Your always on my mind you keep me up at night
Even though I know you didn't do me right
Your like a fire burning bright inside my empty life

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