Free Fall lyrics

ØZI (Stefan Chen)

At your crib
Poured our heart and feelins by the fireplace
Wachu say?
I can't concentrate
I'm magnetized
You pull me straight to outer space yeah

Pure electrified, yeah it's that look you gave
Caught onto somethin, we ain’t never anticipated
Risk it all
Hands off the handle bars
I'm in deep, let go and feel the fall

Feelin my heart losin gravity
Feelin like I'm on the moon, yeah
Goin full force, won't pull the brakes
Nothin stoppin me, I'm just
Free-falling in love with you
Falling, no parachute
Bottom's where I'll be real soon
Can you meet me there tonight?
Straight in it like I got nothin to lose
Pray to God, hope I'll be making it through
Adrenaline rushin
Arms wide open
Stay right there, I'mma be comin to you
Bottom is where we'll be real soon
Fall with nothin to hold on to

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