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"Killshot (Remix)"

Yuh, yuh, yuh (woo woo woo woo)
Chvse, Chvse, Chvse, Chvse

I've been thinking ’bout my ex
Last week she was wishing me the best
Wait, you just hit me in the chest
You love me in your vid then you hate me in a text? Damn
I'm sorry that you act fake when you're on the gram
’Cuz I guess you heard the album now you're falling back
But there's nothing you can do. I'ma drop the tracks
Even if you dying on the stretcher from a cardiac
Heart attack, put this motherf*cker in a bodybag
Yeah, I can see the truth
You been lying to a polygraph
If you love he then I can show you that the god is back
Got his back marked with a bullet if he's talking back
Call me back. Open up your lips if you wanna scrap
I got your Momma's pad, I know the addy
Put the pen in her appendix and I'll leave a f*cking autograph
Sorry Momma, I know you probably hate what your son has said
But I gotta deal with all of this drama that these women bringing to me so I'll spit until I’m dead
I’m just sick of all these people who been fake in my life
All my homies did me wrong now I'm making it right
I’m taking their life to take the advice of myself
'Cuz I'm never gonna place the fakes on my shelf
Like way, way back when I had no friends, all I had was a pen
You just seen my hurt and you walked right in
Telling me that you were there 'til the very very end
But every time I’m in the dark you never cared for me
But when you needed something you was there for me
Now I got my guard up carefully picking everybody that I want around me
There's thots on my feed, she's all around me
Saying bad things when she talk about me
f*ck my shoes, you ain't walk in my feet
You don't see my struggle, you don't see my peace
You don't see my peace
But neither do I
'Cuz when I sit and think all this evil divides
I see through the lies while you still believing it blind
f*ck crumbs, b*tch I'm hungry, need a piece of the pie
But my plates been filled, I'm about to lose my appetite
I been following my dreams like an acolyte
Ain't no telling what'll happen when I grab the mic b*tch
'Cuz I'm out the f*cking world like a satellite
Sacrifice everything I had for the vision in my head, I'ma make this sh*t clear
Manifest dreams 'til they happening for real, I'ma turn my f*cking hobby to career
I ain't stopping over fear
I ain't walking til it's clear
f*ck running with the scissors, I been jogging with a spear
I'm the target of the year
Devil talking in my ear
So I'm sipping on the Henny 'til I'm bottling my tears
sh*t I'm nodding off a beer
Sick of talking 'bout my fears
Y'all ain't following your dreams, you're just following your peers
Tryna fit into the clique, so you're popular this year
But that sh*t never lasts, they'll unfollow in a year, yuh
Maybe I should go and get in drugs
Put a couple tats on my face just to get some love
Maybe I should go and get a gun
Put a mask on, rob a bank, so I get the funds
Maybe I should go and hang with thugs
Pull the glock, kill a dude, run away and hide the gloves
Label said they wouldn't ever touch me 'til I get a buzz
Now they wanna pass the kid a bill like the senate does
b*tch I told you, I warned you, I showed you the facts
That I had on you and I'd drop on a track
I gave you an option, now you coming back?
With rumors you're spreading and leaking my past
You seen what I had, but now you acting hopeless
You was talking to your ex on some hoe sh*t
Hiding from your fans all the drugs you been smoking
b*tch this is nothing, wait until I drop "Broken"

October 16, the "Broken" EP drops
We makin' history with this one

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