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Dr. Dre

"Phone Tap Freestyle"

I'm Self Made i'm self made hostage
Graduated high school never went to college
Because of all my knowledge i'll leave you astonished
The way I flip these words competition's demolished
Burnt down to ashes
Words flame you up like gases and matches
I do it for the sport wear to god it's my passion
This games a hustle too and [?] checks that's cashin'
Made myself a name never been a hasbeen
Hustled my way up not through words but actions
It's a contradiction words make money like mad-libs
Give my money f**k fame and the camera's that's flashin'
If I die tonight never show compassion
You can kiss my ass while i'm p*ssing and crappin'

202 at you again
Self-Made Hostage comin' soon
Ha ha

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